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This is a part of the CFTE Open Banking and Platforms in Finance Specialisation.

This course provides a comprehensive overview on the key technologies and areas needed to allow Open Banking to be implemented. It covers the software development from the perspectives of both client and service developers.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the construction of an Application Programming Interface (API) and the tools and resources it needs to implement the right Open Banking solution
  • Identify the practices for internet security management and authentication when working with Open Banking framework
  • Analyse the different processes and testings to run a successful API documentation
  • Understand the requirements and concepts when operating with Open Banking services

Stephan Murer

Learn from an experienced practitioner

Dr. Stephan Murer, owner of Murer Consulting GmbH, is an independent technology consultant and board member. Until 2017 he was Group Chief Technology officer at UBS AG, responsible for architecture and innovation of UBS’s information systems. Before that, Stephan Murer performed the same role over many years at Credit Suisse. In parallel to his corporate functions, Stephan has remained active in the academic world by teaching at various universities including at the Computer Science department of Oxford University, and by publishing regularly. Furthermore, Stephan Murer is engaged with startup firms and private equity funding.

Stephan Murer


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Course Information

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Course 5 in the OBP Specialisation!

    • Welcome to Technology and Security

    • A Message from OBP Senior Lecturer - Stephan Murer!

    • A Message from OBP Program Directors!

    • Course Handbook | Introduction & Overview

    • Interact with CFTE & OBP Learners

    • Join Our Community at CFTE!

    • Preliminary Survey - Getting Started

    • Preliminary Survey - Your Understanding

    • Course Handbook | Glossary

  • 02

    Chapter 1: APIs and Services


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 1

    • 1.1 What is an API?

    • 1.2 Construction of an API

    • 1.3 REST

    • 1.4 JSON

    • 1.5 Replacing Screen Scraping using APIs


    • QUIZ


  • 03

    Chapter 2: Security, Identity Management and Access Control


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 2

    • 2.1 Security Mechanisms and User Authentication

    • 2.2 Securing Communications Between Open Banking Parties

    • 2.3 Application of OAuth2 and OIDC

    • 2.4 Maintaining Data Security

    • 2.5 Network Security: Zero Trust



    • QUIZ

  • 04

    Chapter 3: Software Development in a Service World


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 3

    • 3.1 Client Developers

    • 3.2 Testing for Client Developers: Sandboxes

    • 3.3 Service Developers

    • 3.4 Testing for Service Developers: Test Harness

    • 3.5 API Lifecycle


    • QUIZ

  • 05

    Chapter 4: Operating Distributed Services


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 4

    • 4.1 How Are Requirements Changing With Open Banking?

    • 4.2 New Requirements: Quality Assurance and System Management

    • 4.3 Fundamental Cloud Technologies

    • 4.4 Integration to Legacy Platforms

    • 4.5 API Gateways


    • QUIZ

  • 06

    Course Conclusion & Final Assessment

    • Concluding Remarks from Stephan!

    • Final Assessment

  • 07


    • Congratulations

    • OBP Specialisation Overview

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What you will learn from the course

  • Recognise the new services which emerged as a result of Open Banking

  • Comprehend the new risks and opportunities enabled by Open Banking and what the future holds in Open Finance and Open Data

  • Organise your position around existing regulatory models, specific regulations, and standards which have been implemented in different regions around the Globe

  • Develop an Open Banking implementation strategy for your business

  • Locate the right area of investment in technology and infrastructure to be ready and remain competitive in the Open Banking era

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