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Here's what you can do to succeed in the future of banking

Have you recently joined an Open Banking project and feel the need to come up to speed with this transformation? Do you want to upskill to advance in your career? Do you feel the need to appear qualified?

Our specialisation in Open Banking and Platforms in Finance – the first of its kind in the world – will teach everything you need to know about this new banking model to fulfil your goals. Learn the key topics to start leading implementation projects within your business and escape the feeling of being underprepared. You will receive an industry recognised certification at completion! 

You will be taught by 20+ industry practitioners from leading institution and companies like Google Apigee, PwC, Wells Fargo, DBS and IBM equipping you with the latest and best-in-class knowledge about Open Banking, directly from the field.

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This course is for you if:

  • You work in traditional finance and have been faced the necessity to leverage technology enabling solutions for the creation of value-added services

  • You plan to launch a new digital business and want to assess the key challenges and opportunities for collaboration with incumbents, vice versa

  • You want to understand the regulatory frameworks and API standards needed to drive an Open Banking approach

  • You are an avid learner of new banking models and would like to deepen your understanding on Open Banking to improve your career prospects

  • You are looking to validate your professional profile with an industry-recognised and Open Banking certification

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain industry-standard knowledge and concepts to enable Open Banking transformation in within your company

  • Articulate the key terminologies needed to understand the main concepts of Open Banking implementation

  • Equip concrete insights and global market trends to accelerate your career prospects in the Fintech industry

Over 60,000 professionals use CFTE to grow their knowledge on digital finance. You should too.


  • Why should I take this Open Banking Specialisation?

    The global Open banking market is forecasted to reach $43.15 billion by 2026. With deal sizes expected to grow exponentially - Visa has acquired Fintech Plaid for $5.3 billion; organisations like DBS, Société Générale and Wells Fargo also consider Open banking to be a strategic pillar in their business model. Open banking is here, and it will fundamentally transform how the Financial Services industry operate. Demanded by consumers, encouraged by regulators and powered by technologies - the structural uptake on Open banking drives many organisations to a profound era of digital ecosystems and platform business models. This shift creates a significant tension on today's Financial Service value chain with the emergence of innovative business models, new regulatory frameworks and modern technologies to support it.

  • Who should take The Open Banking Specialisation?

    Anyone who wants to have a solid understanding of the Open Banking and Platforms model. It is designed for: - Senior managers of an established financial institution who is looking to maintain and expand the influence of your business in the new financial ecosystems - Those working in Risk, Compliance, Legal, or Operations and want to be the leader in the knowledge of how Open Banking may affect regulations and benefit your team - Those working as a part of a product team who would like to know which kind of products are enabled by Open Banking and how they can be managed - Aspiring entrepreneurs or leaders of a technology firm, and would like to know how and where is best to enter the financial industry in the era of Open Banking - Regulators who are looking to learn about the key areas in the business of new entrants and incumbent banks which other regulators have focused on - Recent graduates, current students, or an individual who is eager to develop a strong grounding in the new data-driven age which has begun to reshape the construct, culture, and required skills of the finance industry

  • Who are the lecturers?

    You will be learning from a curated line-up of industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs who will each be presenting their knowledge and experience in Open Banking. No matter if you are embarking on a new journey or fortifying your role, these lecturers and guest experts will guide you through the perspective of established institutions like Wells Fargo, tech giants like Google, and successful startups such as Open Vector or Plaid.

  • After I enroll, what are the next steps?

    After you enroll, you will receive a confirmation email from my.CFTE, the online learning portal. You will also receive a receipt as well as a welcome message to The Open Banking Specialisation. At that point, you will have access to the introductory module that will give you an overview of the portal, and the way to use it. You could for example spend a whole day to go through the course. Or 30 minutes whenever you have the time, and complete the course in a few months. Once you have completed the course, and successfully passed all the tests, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Are there any prerequisites for the course?

    There are no strict pre-requisites for taking the course. This course is largely non-technical to learn the business aspects of Open Banking. This course aims to provide anyone interested in Open Banking (in its wider definition) with a general overview of the opportunities and challenges in Open Banking implementations. The following would be helpful: A general interest in finance, and a basic understanding of what is a bank An interest in digital transformation and innovation

  • How does CFTE's course compare with others in the market?

    The Open Banking Specialisation has been designed to help a majority of people start with the right foundations in Open Banking and digital finance. With this objective in mind, The Open Banking Specialisation will provide you with a clear understanding of how technology is impacting Finance through an accessible format. At CFTE, we believe there is an urgent need for all to learn the right skills for a world of digital finance, and we support all initiatives that are supporting the same goal.

  • How can I pay for the course?

    We offer flexible payment options in either in full or in 3-month instalments. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.