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This is a part of the CFTE Open Banking and Platforms in Finance Specialisation.

This course provides deep dive on the innovations brought about by new players in the Open Banking ecosystem and how traditional finance players can foster an innovative collaboration rather than compete. 

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the roles of New Entrants and their roles as third-party providers (TPPs) within the Open Banking landscape
  • Understand the various API strategies, connection models needed to successfully implement an Open Banking solution 
  • Analyse the opportunities and challenges faced with the integration of Open Banking and Open APIs in the scope of pricing models and customer relationships 
  • Explain the evolution of Open banking beyond the Financial Services domain and into other sector

Anna Maj

Learn from an experienced practitioner

Anna brings 20 years of experience in driving and fostering banking and payments innovation in Europe, with a focus on CEE (Citigroup, T-Mobile, mBank, PwC). Her particular expertise lies in the field of innovative digital payment and financial solutions, acquired in the strategy, innovation, and product management roles. Anna introduced one of the first online payment gateways in the CEMEA region as well as the first digital wallet and the mobile payment platform. Managed the implementation of the first local mobile banking apps and the first local mobile payments initiative. Anna is building cooperation models between banks and Fintech startups, particularly with regard to Open Banking, Payments as well as AI projects. She is also a Senator, Member of the Global Startup Committee at the WBAF – World Business Angels Investment Forum, Jury Member and Expert at the EU/EC European Innovation Council (SME Accelerator) aimed at financing innovative SMEs across the EU. Featured in the 100 Women in FinTech (100WFinTech) global directory and “Women in FinTech Powerlist 2019”; “TOP 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology of 2019”; “TOP 100 Women in FinTech 2019 List; "20 Most Influential Women in Payments”. Co-Author of The PAYTECH Book and The AI Book. FinTech Lecturer.

Anna Maj

Fintech Leader & Advisor

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Course Information

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Course 2 in the OBP Specialisation!

    • Welcome to Business Models & Implementation of New Entrants

    • A Message from OBP Senior Lecturer - Anna Maj!

    • A Message from OBP Program Directors!

    • Course Handbook | Introduction & Overview

    • Interact with CFTE & OBP Learners

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    • Preliminary Survey - Getting Started

    • Preliminary Survey - Your Understanding

    • Course Handbook | Glossary

  • 02

    Chapter 1: New Entrants’ Role as Third Party Providers


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 1

    • 1.1 Definitions: TPP, AISP and PISP

    • 1.2 Who are the New Entrants?

    • 1.3 The Roles of New Entrants

    • 1.4 New Entrants' Landscape



    • QUIZ

  • 03

    Chapter 2: API Banking


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 2

    • 2.1 Implementation Models Based on Open APIs

    • 2.2 Direct & Indirect Connections Between New Entrants and Banks

    • 2.3 The Value Proposition of Open Banking

    • 2.4 What are API Strategies?

    • 2.5 The Open Banking Secret Sauce



    • QUIZ

  • 04

    Chapter 3: Beyond API Banking - Building Successful Business Models


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 3

    • 3.1 Business Models by New Entrants

    • 3.2 Account-related Services

    • 3.3 Personal Finance Management (PFM)

    • 3.4 Payment Initiation Services (PIS)

    • 3.5 Credits and Savings Services

    • 3.6 Business Finance Management (BFM)

    • 3.7 Building Banking Platforms




    • QUIZ

  • 05

    Chapter 4: Agenda of New Entrants


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 4

    • 4.1 Opportunities for New Entrants

    • 4.2 New Pricing Models with Open Banking

    • 4.3 Risks for New Entrants

    • 4.4 Who owns Customer Relationships with Open Banking?



    • QUIZ

  • 06

    Chapter 5: Beyond Open Banking - Open Finance and Open Data Ecosystem


    • Course Handbook | Chapter 5

    • 5.1 Evolution of Open Banking Towards Open Finance

    • 5.2 Open Finance Applications and Use Cases

    • 5.3 What are Open Data Ecosystems?

    • 5.4 The Role of Tech Platforms

    • 5.5 The Pillars of Open Data and Open Ecosystems



    • QUIZ

  • 07

    Course Conclusion & Final Assessment

    • Concluding Remarks from Anna!

    • Final assessment

  • 08


    • Congratulations!

    • What's Next?

    • OBP Specialisation Overview

What you will learn from the course

  • Understand what third-party provider (TPP) is, their accredited types in Europe and the UK and how it interacts with banks to provide services to consumers

  • Identify the implementation models that are based on Open APIs and the direct and indirect connection between New Entrants and banks

  • Detail how shifting from a compliance mindset to a commercial mindset is central to the value proposition of Open Banking

  • Discuss the different business models developed and delivered by New Entrants and the categories that they fall under

  • Assess the role of tech platforms and how technology companies pose a threat to incumbent banks

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