Take a step back. Look at the big picture.

Transformation is happening at breathtaking pace

Every single day - and in every part of the world - we can find media relating a new Fintech story: from a new startup launched to disrupt the SME Banking market to the regulatory challenges of AI in the Financial Markets... but - how do these stories pile up together? 

What are the profound transformations of the industry that these stories indicate?

In this short course, your objective is to take a step back from the buzz of Financial News to define and describe the impact of technology on Finance. By studying examples, analyzing the causes, demystifying some concepts and using a framework for finance innovation, you will be given the big picture of the Fintech revolution.

What is Fintech? is the first course of the Fintech Specialization - CFTE's programme designed for finance professionals to get a comprehensive understanding of the tech disruption of Finance.

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What you'll walk away with

  • In depth understanding of the context and factors allowing innovation in Finance and emergence of Fintech.

  • Insights into the market trends with a deep dive into the key Fintech pioneers as well as an exposure to selected trailblazers around the world.

  • A simple framework to analyse disruptive and continuous innovation in Financial Services.

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Huy Nguyen Trieu

Learn from an experienced practitioner

In 2016, I launched The Disruptive Group - after having built new businesses within large investment banks for more than a decade. Previously, I was co-founder and CEO of a Tech company in New York. I know both Finance and Technology, and the synergies between the two disciplines. My passion is in building and growing businesses - especially in changing environments. As CEO of The Disruptive Group, I am developing a firm that advises CEOs and board members of large organizations, and builds innovative businesses with a strong leverage on technology and finance. As Managing Director at Citi, I grew a business that helped Europe's largest insurance companies, the major pension funds and the international banks to adapt to an increasingly complex environment. Before banking, I raised $15m as CEO of a Tech company, and developed it into a 50-strong company with offices in New York and Paris. An engineer by background, an entrepreneur by nature, and a "big picture" person, I am interested in the tech revolution that is transforming finance - what I call Disruptive Finance. Put simply, we are facing a Napster moment : technology is set to revolutionise finance, which in turn will massively impact the global economy, business and society.

Huy Nguyen Trieu

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What you will learn

What Alumni are saying

“A very interesting course that help understand the new framework that is being build in the Finance industry. We all hear a lot about different concept in the press and on TV, that seems complicated and not understandable. CFTE will help you shade the light on that.”

Consulting | Financial services at TNP Consultants

Sandy Huet

“Great experience, offering a well-rounded picture of the state of FinTech with insightful feedback from experts. Highly recommended.”

IT Risk Manager at CaixaBank | Business PhD Candidate

Laura Arenas Dreger

“The remarkable thing about this course is that it transforms you to a person that can understand Fintech and confident to engage in its community in a short time.”

BPM Solution Architect and Consultant at Inspire Innovations

Ali Sabbah

This is the first Course of the Fintech Specialization

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