How we handle money is changing and it is crucial to learn the alternatives of making payments in the future


Payments have been evolving since the beginning of human civilisation - from the barter system, the invention of the coin, the bill and accounting books  to ATMs and online banking. Payments enable the world to exchange value.

Most recently, transformations in payment systems have significantly impacted the Finance sphere. 

Considering the speed at which payment mechanisms are changing, and the need for professionals in the industry to stay on top of these innovations - together with Budapest Institute of Banking this Payments in Digital Finance has been curated for you.

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This course is for you if:

  • You work in the Banking sector and seek to implement new payment strategies in response to market changes, but don't know where to start

  • You want to leverage the Digital Payments ecosystem to transform your corporate finance functions

  • You want to understand the regulatory initiatives across different regions that enable a payment initiation market

  • You are keen to learn about the Payments Business and understand how PayTech makes money

  • You are a Fintech enthusiast and want to understand how the Paytech and Fintech ecosystem thrives on a symbiotic relationship

Course Information

In this specialisation, you will learn to:

  • Understand the role of payments played in the functioning and development of society

  • Articulate confidently the different types of payment methods and its evolution

  • Recognise the influence of regulatory institutions in the development and dynamics of the payments market

  • Comprehend the role of modern technologies and the product innovations driving the next frontier in payments

  • Analyse how different actors and payment instruments tie in together in reshaping the Banking industry

Course Curriculum

What is in this Specialisation?

  • Course 1: The Historical, Economical and Social Importance of Payments

    Discover the evolution of money and payments. From the analysis of the role of money, money supply, and settlements in the modern monetary system, to the rise of digital payments, cryptocurrencies and changing consumer behaviour.

  • Course 2: Payments Industry Fundamentals

    Learn the important payment business domains, the different industry actors and the fundamentals of the payments stack. Explore global payments standards and operations and understand how payment economics are changing.

  • Course 3: The Global Regulatory Landscape Applicable to the Payments Sector

    Explore different payment regulations in the European Union, United States and Asia-Pacific. Understand the ‘who, what and why' of risk management, security and data privacy processes.

  • Course 4: New Payment Technologies & Product Innovations

    Understand new technologies, such as IoT, AI, DLT and CBDC, and their impact on product innovation in Paytech. Dive into the key areas leveraging data and AI to improve customer experience and combat fraud.

  • Course 5: Payment Strategies & Business Model Innovations

    Identify the key players in the payments ecosystem and learn about new business models and monetisation strategies, including data monetisation. Understand the fundamentals of Open Banking and the future trend of Open Finance.

  • Course 6: The Rationale for a Digital Transformation Program

    Learn how to kick-off and run a payments digital transformation and innovation program. Acquire the tools to transform your (e-) business and corporate finance functions.

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