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As the financial industry experiences a seismic shift towards more agile and technology-driven ways of working, we are also witnessing the widening chasm of the skills gap. To bolster our mission to help millions access the skills they need to unlock the potential of digital finance, we need your help. As an expert in the field, you will help upskill professionals and entrepreneurs across the world, driving them to foster new ideas, create innovative businesses and transform their careers.


  • Who is CFTE's audience?

    CFTE is a global education platform for finance professionals and technologists. To date, 70,000+ professionals in over 60+ countries have completed our courses. We are also partnered with several Tier 1 financial institutions around the world to drive their upskilling agendas. Our audience is diverse and, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to ensure that our content is widely accessible.

  • How do I get started as an expert?

    Apply using the Typeform (click APPLY HERE right above the FAQ). If your application is successful in the first round, one of our team members will reach out to schedule a final call with you.

  • What topics does CFTE focus on?

    CFTE offers expert-led courses in finance, technology and entrepreneurship. Our current focus is on: Startups & Entrepreneurship in Fintech | Digital Transformation & Strategy | Blockchain and Cryptocurrency | Big Data, AI & Machine Learning | Coding with applications in finance | Investment & Robo-advisory | Payment Technologies | Digital Banks | Regulations (Open Banking, PSD2, GDPR, etc.) | Regtech | Sustainable Finance | Careers in Fintech

  • How long does it take to create a course?

    The course creation process will depend on the estimated length of your course and your weekly availability. However, as a beginner, we recommend that you complete a 2-3 hour course in 1 month (including planning, recording, and editing). The CFTE team is here to help you throughout the process. Eventually, as you create more courses, the process will be quite simple, easy, and fast.

  • How are experts compensated?

    Compensation is based on royalties from the courses. Experts can also choose to have their royalties directly sent to a charity of their choice.

  • What kind of support will CFTE provide?

    CFTE’s team will support you in every step of the course creation process: 1) Topic selection 2) Curriculum development 3) Video production and editing.