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The key to driving an innovative business lies within, become an Intrapreneur today

Top-down command chains don't work anymore - organisations need to pursue change as an essential means to staying relevant in this rapidly changing world. 

Whether you're launching your own venture or driving change in a larger organisation, this course is built to train you to innovate successfully and learn precisely how you can manage risk, track progress and spot potential opportunities to practice intrapreneurship. 

This programme focuses on building your confidence and developing the skills required to craft, pitch, and deliver your own intrapreneurial project. You will learn the tools and methods you need to make your business proposal more relevant and impactful – and ultimately become an intrapreneur.

Global Industry Practitioners

Learn from

Senior Lecturer:

François Blanc is a Serial Intrapreneur with 20 years of experience across industries like banking, telecommunications, and media. He has worked in many multinationals including Santander and Orange, to name a few. He merges the corporate world, where he has been responsible for large digital transformation programs, and the startup world, as the founder of 3 different ventures. François is also an Angel investor and early-stage startup advisor in London-based accelerator programs, including Virgin Startups, Techstars, and Seedcamp.

Francois Blanc

Serial Intrapreneur, Ex-Santander

This course is for you if:

  • You are a CEO, founder or owner of a company looking to create new initiatives and encourage entrepreneurship internally

  • You are a business leader in a corporation and want to enable team members to innovate in process, services and products

  • You want to prepare a flawless pitch to the board to setup a new venture building program to drive change within an established organisation

  • You are an aspiring intrapreneur preparing to pitch a new business ideas to bring to market

Course Information

In this course, you will learn to:

  • You are an aspiring intrapreneur preparing to pitch a new business ideas to bring to market

  • Identify, engage with and win key sponsors who can support your project

  • Confidently articulate your “ask” at the board level, the rationale for accepting the proposal, and a relevant operating framework. Ultimately be in the best possible position for securing approval

  • Customise a generic intrapreneurship governance framework for your own project, describing the type of cadence and progress needed to demonstrate over time

Course Curriculum

What is in the course?

  • Chapter 1: What is Intrapreneurship and why is it gaining such momentum?

    Get an introduction to what is intrapreneurship, or acting as an entrepreneur in a corporation. You will be presented with case studies from various industries and regions, and a formal programme set up to understand the success factors for delivering successfully an intrapreneurial project.

  • Chapter 2: Building an Intrapreneurship proposal

    This chapter gives you the techniques to build the support network and momentum to get a sure "Yes" to your intrapreneurial venture, and a structured way to successfully pitching such projects at the board level.

  • Chapter 3: Getting started on your Intrapreneurship journey

    Understand how to adjust some of the Lean Startup methodologies to intrapreneurial projects. Explore the governance framework tailored to intrapreneurship projects in order to sustain sponsorship and resources for your proposal.

  • Chapter 4: Making it happen: Setting you up for success

    This section discusses the potential outcomes of an intrapreneurial project and what’s required to trigger (or avoid) each of them. Understand what each option requires so you can prepare for your most desired path.

  • Chapter 5: Keeping the internal momentum

    Don't let your momentum die off. In this chapter, you will learn how to uphold your stakeholder relationships and leverage them to your advantage. Learn how to present your progress and learnings concisely and to create a culture that reinforces the team.

  • Chapter 6: Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

    Learn about your career path and perspectives as an intrapreneur. Understand how you can grow your career, recognise the best compensation option for yourself, and keep sights of the various exit options to determine what is most suitable one for your career growth.

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