The art of driving a successful business starts from within, it's time to transform your dream into a reality


Top-down command chains just don't work anymore - organisations need to pursue change as an essential means to stay relevant in this rapidly changing world.

Whether you're launching your own venture or driving change in a larger organisation, this course is built to train you to innovate successfully and learn precisely how you can manage risk, track progress and spot potential opportunities to practice Intrapreneurship.

This course focuses on building your confidence and developing the skills required to craft, pitch, and deliver your own Intrapreneurial project. You will learn the tools and methods you need to make your business proposal more relevant and impactful

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Senior Lecturer:

Francois Blanc is an ex Telco/Banking exec, Managing Director at Founders Basecamp, and an ILM + WBCA accredited Business Coach. In the corporate world, he’s been responsible for 50M+ EUR business lines PnLs, teams of ~50 FTE, and transformation programs impacting the profitability of 2B+ EUR revenue lines. Specialities in Segmented Consumer Marketing Proposition, Agile Digital Product Development and Data Science (from BI to Machine Learning). Most of that in the Telecom, Media and Banking sectors at companies like Orange and Santander (+ a few years of Managing Consulting for good measure). In the startup world, he has built Aerocom venture (Inflight WIFI for the 500M annual European Airlines passengers), Founders Basecamp (Education on Lean startup / idea stage validation), and Wazabot (Edtech for improving the outcomes of foreign language learning). Francois is as well an Angel investor/ early stage startup advisor in London based accelerator programs (Virgin Startups, Techstars, SeedCamp).

Francois Blanc

Serial Intrapreneur, Ex-Santander

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This course is for you if:

  • You are a CEO, Founder or an owner of a company looking to create new initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship internally

  • You are a Business Leader in a corporate and want to enable team members to innovate in process, services and products

  • You want to prepare a flawless pitch to the board to setup a new venture building program to drive change within an established organisation

  • You are an aspiring Intrapreneur preparing to pitch a new business ideas to bring to market

Course Information

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Craft an Intrapreneurship project that is well aligned with your own Corporate business goals and Intrapreneurship maturity

  • Identify, engage with and win key sponsors who can support your project

  • Confidently articulate your “ask” at the board level, the rationale for accepting the proposal, and a relevant operating framework. Ultimately be in the best possible position for securing approval

  • Customise a generic Intrapreneurship governance framework for your own project / corporate, describing the type of cadence and progress needed to demonstrate over time

Course Curriculum

What is in the course?

“The introduction to Intrapreneurship, or acting as an Entrepreneur in a Corporate. You will be presented case studies from various industries, regions a formal programs setup to understand the success factors for delivering successfully an Intrapreneurial project.”

“This chapter gives you the techniques to build the support network and momentum to get a sure "Yes", and a structured way to successfully pitching such projects at the board level.”

“Understand how to adjust some of the Lean Startup methodologies to Intrapreneurial projects. Explore the governance framework tailored to Intrapreneurship projects in order to sustain sponsorship and resources for your project.”

“This section teaches the potential outcomes for an Intrapreneurial project and what’s required to trigger (or avoid) each of them. To understand what each option requires or entails, so you can prepare for your most desired path.”

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