The most important Fintech trends combined in one programme

  • The rise of payments

    Payment companies now represent half of the 10 largest financial institutions in the

  • Tech getting into finance

    Tech companies are offering financial services to their billions of consumers globally.

  • Financial inclusion

    New technologies are allowing billions of unbanked to access financial services everywhere

A unique opportunity to work on a real case

How tech is changing finance

In this new edition of Extrapreneurship, CFTE has partnered with Uber. 

Extrapreneurs will work on a real case set by Uber that leverages on the global presence of the platform, and is centered around Uber Pay.

Unlike hypothetical case studies, this is a real case with inputs and feedback from the Uber team that is directly involved in Uber Pay. 

Thanks to the collaboration between CFTE and Uber, Extrapreneurs can acquire Fintech and payment knowledge and apply it in a very short amount of time.

A fast growth programme in Fintech and payments

From zero to 100% in 8 weeks

This programme is for you if...

  • You want to be immersed in Fintech and payments with one of world's largest tech companies

  • You are eager to get a taste of entrepreneurship, or strive to build your own venture one day.

  • You want to expand your professional network and experience working with experienced professionals from top institutions around the world.

  • You want to improve the speed and quality of project delivery by learning agile frameworks and innovative work tools.

  • You want to make a profound impact on millions of Uber app users by helping them access payments with ‘Uber Pay’.

Hundreds of Extrapreneurs can't be wrong

Extrapreneurs leverage their experience to grow in their careers, become entrepreneurs or join startups

Alumni testimonials

Our alumni from the previous Extrapreneurship cohorts

“The opportunity to work with a Fintech startup was just amazing! Where else can you get an opportunity to work with a company that is living day-to-day with the experiences and challenges that you read in the newspaper?”

Former Associate Director at EY, Business Consultant and International Speaker

Laura Tynan

“This two-month experience was fascinating, as it pushed us to think out-of-the-box and pitch something more creatively and in a way which I have never done before at my workplace.”

Head of Global Customer Marketing Group at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Stephane Alex

“It's quite an amazing experience. I believe that anyone who wants to get into Fintech and experience entrepreneurship, they should do it!”

Chief Transformation Officer, Montepio Credito

Ricardo Ribeiro


Price: £699 (SOLD OUT)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can participate and do I need to be in a certain location?

    Anyone with a background/knowledge of Fintech can participate regardless their current location. You will receive all the tools you need to collaborate with your team.

  • Can I still have a full-time job while participating?

    Yes. The programme is part-time and the learning framework has been designed to allow you to experience the startup world without “making the jump”.

  • What type of assistance can I expect?

    Teams will benefit from a weekly meeting with CFTE team and at least 2 masterclasses and 1 feedback call with the startup. The initial masterclass will also initially set you with the necessary software, databases and knowhow to deliver your project.

  • What deliverable is expected from me?

    You will need to submit a final written proposal and a recorded pitch of your solution. Your assignment will be given feedbacks by the experts of Uber.

  • When will I receive the application result?

    We review applications on a rolling basis, which means that early applicants are more likely to get accepted. You can expect the result 5 business days from your application.

  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the programme?

    Yes. You will receive the official Extrapreneurship diploma and become part of an exclusive network of alumni with a certified Fintech experience with a high-growth startup.

  • Will I form my team or will I be assigned to one?

    CFTE will form teams based on participants’ expertise and years of experience. You can expect your team to be very diverse and competitive.

  • How much time are participants expected to dedicate to the programme?

    Time can vary a lot but we recommend spending at least 4 hours per week on the project.

  • How do I apply?

    You need fill an application form. The application form is made of background, competency and motivation questions that will allow us to evaluate your profile.