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Artificial Intelligence is now a reality in finance. But exactly what is AI? What are its applications in finance? How shall professionals prepare for an AI world?  AI in Finance is a structured course that will help finance professionals and technologists acquire the right foundations to be part of the AI revolution.

Course 2: AI Technologies: Machine learning techniques, NLP and recommendation engines is designed to provide you with a cohesive overview of AI technologies.

Learn about the fundamental differences between AI, machine learning and deep learning. Discover the numerous steps needed to build an AI system and explore key applications and how they apply to finance

This course is the first of four courses in the Artificial Intelligence in Finance Specialisation. 

The Artificial Intelligence in Finance Specialisation brings together leading industry experts to create four short courses that cover all facets of AI use in finance. With a global view from East to West, you will develop a solid understanding of the growth of AI, and its future trajectory across the globe.

Philip Watson

Learn from an experienced practitioner

Philip Watson is Managing Director at Citi Private Bank. He is Head of the Global Investment Lab, and Chief Innovation Officer for the Private Bank. The Investment Lab provide ultra high net worth individuals and their family offices with expertise and advice in portfolio construction, risk analytics and investment strategy. The Innovation Office supports clients by sharing insights and perspectives on key trends and emerging technologies. The office is also engaged in a range of innovation initiatives at the Private Bank and Citi - including the Growth Board, accelerator programs, and initiatives designed to improve the client experience. In addition to these roles, Philip serves on a number of committees and boards at Citi. These include voting membership within the Global Investment Committee, which defines the strategy for the Private Bank, and membership on the Multi-Asset Class Committee, responsible for informing decisions on the management of discretionary portfolios at Citi. Philip has nearly 20 years of financial experience, 15 at the Private Bank. Prior to this, he worked within Citi’s Investment Bank where he held roles within Equity Derivatives, Risk Management and Warrants Trading. Philip has a Chartered MCSI designation from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, and holds a Level 6 Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice and Management. He previously graduated from the University of Leeds.

Philip Watson

Global Contributing Experts

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of what AI, machine learning and deep learning are and how these technologies are being applied in finance

  • Learn about the steps needed to build AI systems and models, as well as the numerous tools that facilitate model creation and application

  • Deep-dive into natural language processing (NLP), discover how this application works and how it is being used to transform numerous functions in finance

  • Learn about the differing approaches to recommendation engines and how they are providing value to financial institutions

Course Information

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course 2 of the Artificial Intelligence in Finance Specialisation

    • Welcome to AI Technologies: Machine Learning Techniques, NLP and Recommendation Engines

    • Welcome from the Programme Directors

    • Welcome from the Senior Lecturer - Philip Watson

    • Course Handbook | Introduction & Overview

    • Course Handbook | Glossary

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    • Preliminary Survey - Getting Started

  • 02

    Module 1: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning


    • 1. 1. Introduction to AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

    • 2. Model Training

    • 3. Examples in Finance

    • 4. Summary

    • Challenge



    • QUIZ

    • Course Handbook | Module 1

  • 03

    Module 2: Building AI: Data, Models & Training


    • 1. Building an AI System

    • 2. Preparing Data

    • 3. The Modelling Process

    • 4. Training Algorithms

    • 5. Tools for AI

    • 6. Summary

    • Challenge



    • QUIZ


    • Course Handbook | Module 2

  • 04

    Module 3: Natural Language Processing


    • 1. An Overview of NLP

    • 2. How NLP Works

    • 3. Applications of NLP in Finance

    • 4. Summary

    • Challenge



    • QUIZ

    • Course Handbook | Module 3

  • 05

    Module 4: Recommendation Engines


    • 1. An Overview of Recommendation Engines

    • 2. How Recommendation Engines Work

    • 3. Approaches to Recommendation Engines

    • 4. Applications of Recommendation Engines in Finance

    • 5. Summary

    • Challenge



    • QUIZ

    • Course Handbook | Module 4

  • 06


    • Congratulations!

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