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The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) and ADGM Academy have partnered up to co-create the AI in Finance Certification aimed to educate and help develop a thorough understanding of the most recent AI innovations in Finance. You will learn to obtain the required vocabulary and knowledge to explore these developments in more depth, and to discuss and differentiate between new data and traditional data impact on organisations.

Our Programme has been designed to give participants a foundational level of knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and how this disruptive technology is applied to financial services both locally in MENA and globally.

This certification is accredited by:

Key features of our Programme

  • Interactive lectures with senior experts

    Our lectures include industry case studies, practical applications and use of tools that will be explained by renowned senior experts

  • Team projects

    Participants will work on applied projects to acquire the practical skills to then be able to apply their knowledge to their job

  • A Recognised Qualification on AI in Finance

    Participants will obtain a CPD-accredited certification from ADGM Academy and CFTE

Course Information

Programme Content

Fundamentals of New Data in Finance Data AI in Finance Certification
Data Infrastructure, from APIs to Cloud
Ethics and Considerations of Data
Data Toolkit
Technologies of AI Artificial Intelligence
Applying AI in Finance: Framework and Use Cases
Implementing AI in Financial Institutions
Responsible  & Sustainable AI

Modules Overview

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of New Data in Finance

    Explore the new types of data that can be leveraged using AI technologies. Learn the new terminologies, distinguish between different types of data, and discuss the main limitations and challenges that accompany each.

  • Module 2: Data Infrastructure, from APIs to Cloud

    Explore the technology infrastructure required to enable financial institutions to handle their data in the presence of AI systems.

  • Module 3: Ethics and Considerations of Data

    Learn the main challenges that come when dealing with new data in finance and with implementing new systems like AI. Discuss the issues around ethics and risks, and the role that individuals, organisations should have.

  • Module 4: Data Toolkit

    Discover the overview of the foundations of data for a modern financial institution and the methodologies and tools required to implement them in the organisation.

  • Module 5: Technologies of AI

    Explore the main AI technologies transforming the financial industry and distinguish between the functions of different technologies and illustrate the main models to apply in finance.

  • Module 6: Applying AI in Finance: Framework and Use Cases

    Be equipped with the framework to understand how AI is successfully applied in financial institutions.

  • Module 7: Implementing AI in Financial Institutions

    Explore the four pillars of the successful implementation of AI in financial institutions: AI strategy, Infrastructure, People and Risks.

  • Module 8: Responsible & Sustainable AIile

    Be equipped with the framework to understand how to ensure an ethical, transparent and accountable use of AI technologies in a manner consistent with user expectations, organizational values, laws and norms.

Key Takeaways

  • Seize the Opportunities

    The ability to seize the opportunities of AI in financial services and leverage AI within your firm using the appropriate tools and techniques

  • Equipped Knowledge

    A solid understanding of AI from the technologies, to use cases, to infrastructure and ethical considerations

  • Certificate on AI in Finance

    You will receive a certificate issued by ADGM Academy and CFTE that will boost your career profile and provide access to a premier network of experts in the field

This course is suitable for:

  • All financial services professionals keen to explore real-life examples of how AI is being utilised in finance

  • Professionals who are keen to understand how Data and AI can drive digital transformation

  • Individuals who want to drive digital impact in their institutions from a business standpoint

  • Those who want to boost their professional profile with an industry-recognised AI certification

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