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The AI revolution is transforming jobs, organisations and even national strategies. Why is this happening? And what does it mean for the Financial Services industry?

In the Artificial Intelligence in Finance Specialisation, you will explore how machine learning and new AI technologies are transforming all sectors of the banking and finance landscape, from insurance to wealth management.

The specialisation brings together leading industry experts, from technological experts to functional experts; from AI startups to large banks and institutions; from advisers to government boards to solution providers, to design 4 short courses that cover all facets of AI use in finance. With a global view from East to West, you will develop a solid understanding of the growth of AI, and its future trajectory across the globe.

You have the flexibility to enroll in the full specialisation or to start with any of the 4 individual courses. Keen to learn more about Natural Language Processing and Recommendation Engines?  Or are you here to deep-dive into Insurance or Wealth Management applications of AI? Regardless of your background, this Specialisation is designed for you. 

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In this specialisation, you will learn to:

  • Understand the differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Explore applications of Artificial Intelligence as applied to different industries, from non-financial applications to banking and finance applications

  • Identify the key players in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem, from fintechs, to Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) providers, to regulators

  • Explore the role and importance of regulations in Artificial Intelligence as applied to finance, and its ethical considerations

  • Understand the enterprise level prerequisites of applying Artificial Intelligence, from technological to cultural considerations

  • Explore different use case applications of Artificial Intelligence in different banking and finance areas such as asset and wealth management, insurance, customer services, compliance and fraud detection

There are 6 courses in this Specialisation

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Course 1:  Foundations of AI in Finance: Applications and trends

Learn the fundamentals of what AI is and how it is impacting industries both inside and outside of finance. Explore the most recent trends and future trajectory of the AI and discover who is driving the application of new, cutting edge technologies in machine learning and deep learning.

Course 2: AI Technologies: Machine learning techniques, NLP and recommendation engines

Learn about the fundamental differences between AI, machine learning and deep learning. Discover the numerous steps needed to build an AI system and explore key applications and how they apply to finance

Course 3: Implementing AI in an Enterprise: Technologies, skillsets and regulation

Learn a strategic framework for AI implementation and discover the numerous infrastructure requirements to implement AI technologies. Investigate the role of people in an AI enabled world and develop an awareness for the ethical implementation of AI.

Course 4: Applications of AI in Finance: Use cases from the industry

Learn how AI is being applied in the two key areas of wealth and asset management and insurance. Discover how AI is disrupting key functions of the finance value chain, including: Customer service, automation, credit scoring and fraud detection.

This course is for you if:

  • You work in the banking and finance industry, regardless of your area of expertise

  • Your company operates in one of the sectors that are challenging banks’ data hegemony and digital customer experience delivery, including Fintechs, Bigtechs and Central Banks

  • Your company is undergoing digital transformation, and you want to better understand how new emerging technologies such as machine learning can innovate your product and service delivery

  • You are a domain expert in other areas of financial services such as wealth management, payments and lending, legal and compliance, insurance, and require a better understanding of the impact of AI on your business domain

  • You would like to build a future career in the data analytics, data science and machine learning field

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Artificial Intelligence in Finance

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